Mr Perfect Fairfield

You and your friends and family are personally invited to join us at Fairfield Adventure Park every second Sunday of the month 10.30am to 12.30pm for a free BBQ focused on men’s mental health.

This BBQ is hosted and funded by the Mr Perfect men’s mental health charity with Mark Tayar as co-host. Mark can be contacted at but please also first check out the following links:

1) Mr Perfect national homepage

2) Mr Perfect Fairfield on Meetup to RSVP and connect

3) Mr Perfect Fairfield on Facebook

RSVPs by Facebook, Meetup and by email will all be considered when purchasing the catering.

Our current wet weather option is a cafe in a more central area of Fairfield: De Mustachio (Cafe), 63 Spencer St, Fairfield NSW 2165 but if it is only a little overcast or windy, we will still meet at Fairfield Adventure Park BBQs.