CNY 2021

Say zaijian to that awful year of the rat and say ni hao to the year of the ox!

With karaoke on a big screen and an ‘opium den’ chill room to get away from the bad singing, Mark will welcome a small gathering on Feb 12. Mark’s birthday is the day before but this is about saying goodbye to 2020 (again) now that it’s safer to sing and get together.

Plus ones are very welcome. Only wear something red if you have something. There will be light catering of dumplings and drinks provided. No need to bring presents -just bring extra drinks if you are picky.

Why: Chinese New Year falls on a Friday and the day after Mark’s birthday!
What: CNY after-work drinks then trashy Karaoke (which you can avoid in the other room or balcony)
When: Friday Feb 12, 5-11pm. You can stay for just one cheeky then drive home or kick on til 11+
Who: a small group of colleagues, friends and plus ones who are chill and non-judgey ready to sing/chat
Where: Lucky 8th floor of my place one block from Liverpool Hospital (address will be emailed)
Is this cultural appropriation? Yes, but I got advice from a Feng Shui geomancer & I graduated in Beijing!
Does this small event really need a webpage? Yes, everything needs a webpage obvi
Will there be actual opium in the opium den? obvi not

Please RSVP by Feb 9 so we can manage COVID-safe planning and catering.